Shah Trading Company is the North American leader in providing the following trade services:

Private Label Program

A powerful tool to synthesize and combine elements from our widely-varied high-quality product line with the specific objectives, needs and style of your brand, customized to your exact specifications in packaging, weight, size and design aspects. HAACP Certified and operating for thirty-plus years, our program has made us Canada’s leading private-label packer for Rice, Spices, Beans, Peas and Lentils. We help you in every stage of implementing this program.

Dry Nut Roasting

Cashews, Peanuts, Pistachios, and Pumpkin Seeds dry-roasted to perfection with a middle eastern flair. High quality ingredients to ensure quality end products matching the market needs. HAACP Certified. Our facilities include dry and oil roasting, copper kettle and batch roasting. Nuts can be custom blended after roasting.

Custom Blending

We work directly with you in creating proprietary formulas and blends from our exciting catalogs of  quality Spices, Herbs, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Rice or Grains products – exactly to your choice. HACCP Certified.

Bean Processing & Canning

Full-service processing line starting from unloading and storage of a wide variety of bean supplies through pre-cleaning, size and color sorting, metal detection and cleaning to packaging, labelling and storage. A recent addition complementing our already formidable processing capabilities is a state of the art facility for cooking and canning  a wide variety of beans, operating under strictly enforced quality and safety guidelines. One of only a handful of such facilities, this service is available for private label programs as well.

Rice Processing

As the largest distributor of rice in Canada, we start with receipt, bulk handling and secure storage of processed rice grains, which we clean further as needed, then package, label and finally bulk deliver all varieties of rice.

Wholesale Distribution

Throughout North America, we ship, drop ship and manage border customs for our products that include rice, grains, beans, peas, and lentils on an affordable bulk basis to ease the load on our customers. We maintain our own fleet for this purpose for rapid response and reasonable cost.

Food Service Distribution

We maintain a broad base of national and local food service companies as our customers, through which we are able to serve restaurants, cafeterias, caterers and others in this industry with a full range of quality products. We can meet the needs of this industry for larger pack sizes etc. with any of the items in our large catalog. For larger customers, we can also do private label in these larger pack sizes.