Our Employees are an integral part of the Shah Trading Family.

As a non-corporate, family-owned and operated company, we know that relationships come first. That’s why our multi-generational business has established a strong brand that empowers relationship growth and a strong sense of community. Many of our employees are themselves family -- spouses, father and son, aunt and nephew, sisters... The fragrant smell of samosas and coffee at break time often mark festive occasions and celebrations in our cafeteria. Our love of family and community extends to all aspects of our organization. Every quarter, we will use this space to feature one of our many valued employees who help make Shah Trading Company a family.

Employee Spotlight:

Arpita Neghandi

How long have you been working at Shah Trading?

I have been with Shah Trading since 1999.

What is your role here?

My role at Shah Trading Company can be best described as Office Manager. I perform a variety of functions and have many responsibilities that help ensure STC’s operations run smoothly. 

I service all major chain and independent accounts, receive & process EDI orders, manage our daily logistics by organizing the pick-ups, deliveries and related appointments. I also coordinate with customers, suppliers, our internal production facilities, and logistics teams to provide our clients with an exceptional customer experience on every order.

How long have you been working at Shah Trading?

I have been with Shah Trading since 1999.

Do you have any family members that also work here?

My husband, my brother and his wife all work for Shah Trading at various facilities around Toronto.

What Shah Trading product can you not live without?

Shah Trading carries everything that a cook would need in their kitchen. Picking just one product would be impossible!

When you’re not here, what do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with friends and family and, when I get some time to relax, I love to watch Indian cooking shows on Food Food as well as a few Indian serials and movies.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I was born and raised in Tanzania and created my own family there before moving with them to Canada. In Tanzania, I always participated in various cooking and arts competitions and worked hard because I loved to come in first place! I also acted as Chair for many charitable organizations and committees over the years and will always have very fond memories of life back in Africa.