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We are a full-service food manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor — we meet the challenges of the growing market.

All of our facilities are SQF Level 2000 certified under GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative, allowing us to provide packing and manufacturing services globally.

Our Brand-new canning facility in Toronto is CFIA certified, per one of the strictest standards in the industry and running two shifts daily.

As Canada’s largest rice packager, our state-of-the-art HAACP-approved plant runs two shifts daily.

One of Canada’s largest distributors and exporters of beans, peas, and lentils. Our extensive experience, market knowledge, and strong relationships with suppliers and farmers, allow us to source large volumes at competitive rates with attendant savings to the customer.

A premium nut roaster and distributor of nuts and dried fruits. From conventional in-shell pistachio nuts to specialty roasted pumpkin seeds, a widely diverse menu of, authentic quality products.

A premier spice importer and distributor, with a good handle on the volatile and ever-fluctuating spice market and deep understanding of the spice industry permitting guaranteed high-quality products at fair prices to customers.

Ability to source a vast array of specialty food items internationally via a network developed and cultivated through the years.

New product development with the ability to test products and blends for customers in-house.

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SQF Level 2000, HACCP, GMP, Organic, Organic, Kosher, CFIA

Warehouse Space
300,000 sq. ft.

Silo capacity
3000 metric tons

Rail Cars
2 feeding directly into silos

Packaging Lines
23 lines run daily

5 across Toronto, Montreal, and New Jersey

Fleet of trucks delivering daily to GTA, Montreal, Tri-State area

Canning Facility
2 shifts

QA Teams
Dedicated QA in each warehouse

Our Daily Capabilities


lbs of Rice Processed


Items packaged


lbs of Nuts Roasted


Cans Packed


lbs of Spices Blended


Trucks in Fleet


For Shah Trading Company, the key to our success is in the strength of our relationships. As one of the first companies importing foods into Canada over forty years ago, we are pioneers in the global trading community from a time when there were only a few players in the space and the landscape was unknown. After over 40 years in the business, Shah Trading Company has amassed a wealth and breadth of knowledge unparalleled in the industry. By working with an extensive network of farmers, growers, and producers both locally and abroad and building those relationships over four decades, we’ll always be able to provide consistent quality you can trust. This ensures our selections always support the farmers, the distributors, and most importantly, the families who will enjoy them together.

Our highly trained Quality Assurance team's number one priority is our customers.

Shah Trading Company currently retains more than 300,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space across Toronto, Montreal, and New Jersey. This allows us to manufacture, package, store, and ship our staples in-house; ensuring purity, consistency, and the highest quality and safety standards possible.

The Quality Assurance team at Shah Trading Company is committed to maintaining the freshest and best quality ingredients. With dedicated teams in each of our warehouses, our in-house staff works hard to meet industry standards and learn the latest in quality assurance technology. Because we deal with agricultural products, it is through the hard work of our team that any issues that may arise are handled with urgency and professionalism. In working closely with certifying agencies, the QA team and thus, Shah Trading Company as a whole, is held to an extremely high level of standards, with little room for error. Customer satisfaction is crucial to Shah Trading Company, starting from our QA team.

  • * Certification from HAACP, SQF, CFIA – globally recognized certification programs
  • * Further inspection from international chain stores
  • * Allergen control
  • * Internal audits
  • * External testing when required
  • * Required QA approval (or rejection) of raw materials, packaging, equipment, employees, vendors, and finished products
  • * Mandatory and regular training and education
  • * Strict documentation and production records
  • * Incorporation of feedback from vendors, certifying agencies, retailers, and customers including formal procedures for addressing consumer concerns
  • * All ingredients require inspection, cleaning, sorting, metal-detection, color-sorting and final approval from QA before distribution
  • * Day to day testing operations on dry side and canning side from our qualified QA technicians
  • * Direct contact with customers and consumers to resolve any issues that arise


Certifications & Associations