Notice to Customers

Hello Customers,

In these uncertain times, there is understandably a lot of fear and anxiety regarding COVID-19. We want to assure you that we are hard at work here at Shah Trading to keep the shelves at your local grocery store stocked with a steady supply of product. Even under shutdown, Italy continues to allow people to get groceries and the US/Canada border closure has not affected our trucks from making deliveries.

Supply Chain

We work directly with farmers and suppliers from all over the world — raw material is still being shipped. We are booking loads of quinoa to move up to our warehouses to pack after their upcoming harvest. Our canning plant is running double shifts to keep up with demand. We are working closely with some of the largest grocery chains in the US and Canada to ensure products are still shipping to stores — whether they be organic, conventional, Dunya Harvest or NuPak. You may see our other brands in store as we are selling whatever inventory we have in stock while continuing to produce more stock. 

Preventative Measures

We are running 7 days a week to ensure enough product is being supplied to meet the extraordinary demand of essential pantry staples. However, we are also taking the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our facilities, we are reviewing our measures daily, as the situation changes and will continue to update our policies:

  • Non-essential employees work from home
  • Staggered breaks by “line” to allow for smaller groups
  • Truck drivers remain outside while their trucks are being loaded
  • Increased hand sanitizer stations
  • Daily sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces like punch cards
  • Continued practice of strict CFIA guidelines for a safe and sanitary factory, including strict protocol for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Employees who have travelled recently or are feeling unwell are asked not to come to work
  • Older employees are sent home
  • Employees no longer take public transportation
  • Thermometers onsite to help determine if anyone should not be at work
  • In addition, our warehouses are closed to visitors at this time and we are not open to the public.

What can you do

Watch our video for tips on the best practices for extending the shelf life of your pantry staples.

Generally, dry staples last upto 3 years before losing their nutrients. Immediately dispose of any product that is rancid or has an odor.

Stay home. Please take care of yourselves and your neighbors. If you have an elderly neighbor, please reach out and see if they need groceries. You can pick it up and leave it on their front porch.

Thank you,

The Shah Trading Family